Ever feel like you want to know God and all He has for you, but it seems like there is so much in the way? Your past? Broken dreams? Regrets? LIFE? We believe we are here to elevate you above the fray so that you can see who Jesus really is… to clear out the clutter of life and regrets of the past to see clearly who Jesus is… because it is our belief that if you can see Jesus for who He really is, it will change your life forever and set the course of your life towards that which you were meant experience from the beginning: a life-changing, fully engaged, loving relationship with God.

If this stirs your heart in some way or resonates with you, please feel free to come and see how God is at work among us.

We’d like to invite you to worship with us! We have a House Church that meets two Tuesday’s a month and Two Thursday’s a month at 6:30pm.

God’s grace is what we strive to give and receive at Elevation Church. To learn more about us, navigate this site use the contact information below:

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Text or call 623-850-1623